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SIDMA S.A. is a leading Greek company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products. It operates integrated Steel Service Centers in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

SIDMA S.A. has a long tradition, experience and know-how in steel trading and processing. Flexibility, reliability and the development of long-term ties with customers and suppliers have been SIDMA`s guiding principles since the Group was founded in 1931.

The company`s trading and processing activity focuses on three main product categories, distinguished by shape: flat products, long products, wire products and panels. SIDMA S.A. has a strategic relationship with the SIDENOR Group, Greece`s largest producer of long steel products, both in terms of ownership and commercially, through the distribution of select SIDENOR products in the Greek market.

SIDMA ROMANIA SRL is affiliated to SIDMA SA and it benefits of its long carbon-steel business experience.

The quality of our products is certified throught the support of the two big producers of the group:
Sidenor Steel Industry S.A. for long products and Stomana Industry Bulgaria for flat products.

Sidma Romania - Steel Service Center Str Oxigenului 2, Sat Căldăraru, Comuna Cernica, Jud. Ilfov 077035
Phone: +4 021 20.90.270, Fax: + 4 021 20.90.115

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