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Hot deep galvanized

Either suitable for enameling and always present in our houses or automotive dedicated galvanized coils and sheets, the hot deep materials are part of our lives and they are used for:

  • Constructions: roofs, doors, windows, silo, ceilings etc
  • Industry: automotive, ventilation systems, electrical cabinets, boilers, C and Z profiles, filters etc


Initially, hot deep galvanized steel is cold rolled and after immersion at 465⁰C in 99% purity zinc bath, it becomes metallic zinc coated with an excellent corrosion resistance. Hot deep galvanized material can be produced under high temperature as hot rolled product (for thicknesses 1,5-3 mm), but this is a matter of the mill’s capacities and procedures. Specific skin-pass conditions always give a qualitative surface.

Galvanized coils and sheets can be classified in four big groups:

  • Low carbon steel for cold forming and deep drawing, grade DX51 -DX57 D (acc. With their increasing suitability for cold forming)
  • Structural Steel, acc. minimum value yield point Rp0.2
    • grades S220-550GD
  • High alloy cold forming, acc. minimum value yield point Rp0.2
    • HX160-260 YD/BD- 500LAD
  • Multi phase steel for cold forming
    • HCT450X -HCT980C

The coating process refers to a zinc lear of max. 600 gr/m2, total of oth sides considered; the zinc lear is not always uniformly distributed as well and its mass can easily be calculated starting with the coating masses, e.g. as follows:
- A zinc coating mass of 100g/m² (both sides considered) corresponds to a thickness of the zinc coating of aprox. 7,0 μm per surface

zinc coating thickness (μm )=(zinc coating mass,g/m^2 (both sides))/(2x7,1 g/cm^3 (=zinc density))

Coating mass should three points tested, respectively one single point tested acc. to EN 10346:

It is recommended that the customer process the galvanized steel as fast as possible from production time because the initial neutral non-drying oil layer, free of imputrities might become not uniformly spread. This might result in formability reduction along with the ageing effect According to EN 10346, specific mechanical properties are valin for one month for grade steel of DX 51D, DX 52D, DX 53D and S220-550GD.

ProductHot deep galvanized sheets and coils may take the form of very small domestic objects up to solid and big houses structures. Zinc lear may vary between Z100 and Z600.
Quality Corresponding steel grade for this specific low carbon cold forming materials are presented below acc. To EN 10346.
DX 51D - for bending and profiling  
DX 52D - for drawing
DX 53D - for deep drawing
DX 54D - for extra deep drawing
DX 55D - for extra deep drawing (+AS only)
DX 56D - for especially deep drawing
DX 57D - for super deep drawing
Thickness0,3→4 mm
DimensionsWidth coils: Min-Max: 1 000-1 500 mm
Length sheets: Min-Max: 400-10 000 mm
Sheets can be in standard format (1000X2000, 1250X2500, 1500X3000, 1500X6000 and 2000 X 6000 mm) or atipic format. Over the “Steel Service Center” meniu it is indicated the cut-to-lengh dimensiones, valid only upon specific order.
Strip width: Min-Max: 16-1 240 mm
Over the “Steel Service Center” meniu it is indicated the slitting line capacity, valid only upon specific order.

Other thicknesses and dimensions or according to other internationally recognized standards can be delivered upon request.

Click to calculate the weight: (S(mm)xW(mm)XL(mm)/1000x1000)x7.85 = kg/piece

Coating mass
Coating symbol Minimum coating massᵃ both sides g/m² Theoretical guidance values for coating thickness per surface in the single point test μm Density
Triple point test Single point test Typical valuesᵇ Rangeᶜ
Zinc coating masses (Z)
Z100 100 85 7 5…12 7,1

Z140 140 120 10 7…15
Z200 200 170 14 10…20
Z225 225 195 16 11…22
Z275 275 235 20 15…27
Z350ᵈ 350 300 25 19…33
Z450ᵈ 450 385 32 24…42
Z600ᵈ 600 510 42 32…55
ᵃ See 7.9 EN 10346
ᵇ Coating thickness can be calculated from the coating masses (see 7.9)
ᶜ The user should expect that these limit values are obtained on the upperand on the reverse surface
ᵈ Only steel grades in acc. To table no. 6 and no. 7 and LAD steel grades in acc. with table no. 8.
Source: EN 10346
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