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SIDMA Romania S.R.L was established in 2005 as SID-PAC Steel & Construction Products S.R.L. SIDMA Romania is 100% controlled by SIDMA S.A., Greece’s largest steel distributor, with over 75 years of experience in the Greek steel market and a consolidated turnover exceeding € 250 million (2007).

SIDMA S.A. operates modern Steel Service Centers in Athens and Thessaloniki, is listed in the Athens Stock Exchange and is part of the SIDENOR Group, Greece’s largest steel producer, which also includes STOMANA Industry A.D. (Bulgaria), Corinth Pipeworks S.A. (Greece) and has a consolidated turnover over € 1,3 billion.

SIDMA Romania operates a new, modern Steel Service Center in Bucharest, with a total covered area of about 6.500 sq.m. in the company’s wholly-owned premises of about 35.000 sq.m.