Sidma Romania - Steel Service Center

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Sidma Romania focuses on iron trade, through the operation of its integrated Steel Service Center.

It includes processing steel coils of various quality levels, to be transformed into a variety of final forms based on its clients` special needs.

The cutting and slitting lines are one of the main advantages in order to satisfy a wide range of needs.

In Bucharest, we have three processing lines dedicated to hot rolled, cold rolled and hot deep galvanized material, up to 8 mm, inclusively as follows:

  • SIDMA Greece S.A.- mother-company
    • SIDMA România S.R.L. : SIDMA share: 100%
    • SIDMA Bulgaria S.A. : SIDMA share: 100%
Sidma Romania - Steel Service Center Str Oxigenului 2, Sat Căldăraru, Comuna Cernica, Jud. Ilfov 077035
Phone: +4 021 20.90.270, Fax: + 4 021 20.90.115

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